Translator, Interpreter
English, Polish, German,   Spanish *

Legal Advisor in Polish aw,
EU-law & canonic law

International Distribution
Business Strategy, PR,   Marketing, Consulting  

Chamber of Commerce,
Duisburg congratulates

Sherry & Brandy glasses
Baron de Brodzic



Management consultant:

Multilingual jurist and economist, with a broad experience in consulting, offers  his assistance
to entrepreneurs, managing directors, top executives, sales and  financial managers in realization of their expansion projects to the
EU markets, namely to
Poland, Spain, Germany,
in their investments, as well as in:
  • Analysis & maximisation of the EU markets potential,  
  • Achievement &  exceeding the current
    business expectations,
  • Business strategy dvelopment,
  • Intragroup restructuring measures,
  • Public Relations, Marketing,
  • Controlling, due diligence tests,
  • Merger & Acquisition,  splitting,
    consolidation of companies,  etc.

Purimex GmbH,
Am Forst 9, D-46485 Wesel      
Tel. + 49-281-9599130
FAX: +49-281-9599155


Tadeusz von Kaliński - Brodzic
Magister iuris (UKSW, Warsaw)
has been enrolled by the President 
of the Provincial Court of Appeal  
in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the 
Federal Legal Advisors Register (Rechtsdienstleistungsregister) 
and thus authorised to render
legal services in:

Polish law, 
International public law, 
European Union´s  law,
and Canonic law. 

Supervisory authority: 
of the Provincial Court of Appeal 
Cecilienalle 3
D-40474 Düsseldorf

Professional liability insurance 
and territorial validity:  Germany

AXA Versicherung AG
Rolandstrasse 44, D-40476 Düsseldorf

von Kalinski - Brodzic 

Magister iuris 

Rechtsdienstleister (DE)

  • Polnisches Recht

  • EU-Recht

  • Völkerrecht

  • Kanonisches Recht

Legal advisor

  • Polish law

  • European Union´s law

  • International public law

  • Canonic law


                                        Praepropera consilia raro sunt prospera. Consilia multorum quaeruntur in magnis. 

                                   Whenever facing legal problems with your investments in Poland, you might order with me a second legal opinion, just to make sure that the solutions proposed by your Polish solicitors or tax consultants are optimal, with prospects of success.  I offer support to your management by serving with legal advice in Polish law in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Polish.