PENTA “Large Capacities” syringes are dedicated to those special needs that require a secure grip and a high level of precision even in the presence of large amounts of liquid to be injected. The 50/60 ml syringe is also available in opaque amber polypropylene to ensure protection for photosensitive medication. The 100 ml syringes are fitted with a Luer adapter, which is detachable and located in the plunger. They have “Latex Free” piston, made of synthetic rubber which does not contain natural latex, in order to prevent any allergies. Two types: with and without needle. Three different types of cone • The Eccentric Luer cone facilitates the operator during sampling. • The Luer Lock cone makes the connection with the needle and/or additional connector ensuring a tight seal. • The catheter cone enables the attachment of probes.

Characteristics of the components • Polypropylene cylinder with retaining ring. • Polypropylene plunger. • “Latex Free” piston with two seal rings, made of non-toxic, latex-free synthetic rubber. • AISI 304 steel cannula; diameter in accordance with ISO 9626 and length in accordance with ISO 7864. • Coloured polypropylene hub in accordance with ISO 6009. • Transparent polypropylene 100ml Luer Adapter. • Transparent polypropylene needle cover. • Medical grade silicone lubricant. • Indelible graduation in accordance with ISO 7886-1. • Medical grade blister paper and plastic film. Sterilization method Ethylene Oxide (EO 10% + CO2 90%), cycle validated in accordance with ISO 11135-1