PZN 06640290 Insulinspritze, R0, U-100, 0,3ml, 30Gx1/3" mit eingeschweißter Kanüle, VE 10x10 Stck Pack.

       PZN 10554567 Insulinspritze, R0, U-100, 0,3ml, 30Gx1/2" mit eingeschweißter Kanüle, VE 10x10 Stck  Pack. 




PENTA FINE R.Ø (Zero Residue) syringes, (0.3 ml 100-U, 0.5 ml 100-U and 1 ml 100-U) represent the immediate response to the needs of diabetic patients requiring atraumatic injection systems. The total administration of the medication and the size of the needle of only 8 mm in length are some of the features characterising the innovative PENTA FINE R.Ø. syringes. They have “Latex Free” piston, made of synthetic rubber which does not contain natural latex, in order to prevent any allergies. General features • Sterile, disposable, non-toxic, pyrogen free. • Dead space with tolerance according to ISO 8537. • The syringes with fixed needle ensure a painless injection and safe administration for precise dosage. • The indelible, well-marked graduation allows for greater readability. • Available in single blister packs or in “self-protected” packs, 0.3 ml,  0,5 ml and 1 ml.

Characteristics of the components • Transparent polypropylene cylinder. • Polypropylene plunger. • “Latex Free” piston with two seal rings, made of non-toxic, latex-free synthetic rubber. • AISI 304 steel cannula; diameter and length in accor dance with ISO 8537. • Polypropylene hub is not removable from the cone of the syringe. • Orange polypropylene needle cover. • Medical grade silicone lubricant. • Indelible graduation in accordance with ISO 8537. • Medical grade blister paper and plastic film. Sterilization method Ethylene Oxide (EO 10% + CO2 90%), cycle validated in accordance with ISO 11135-1

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